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Partner With Us

Partners play a vital role in helping us meet our client needs and we are deeply committed to their success. Our partner programs are global and comprehensive, find the one that suits you best.

    There are several ways in which one can partner with us:

  • Business Partner - Become our business partner by investing a minimal amount of only $225 (Rs.10,000). A business partner can be any individual having a computer with an internet connection. On registering with you receive welcome kit, business partner certificate, login name & password to the business partner area to start your ever growing business.


  • Channel Partner – Become our channel partner. A channel partner can be any existing/new firm/shop/business establishment/company. Our Channel Partner Program delivers a comprehensive set of tools and support to ensure the success of our partners. We seek partners who are as serious about increased growth and profitability as we are.


  • Merchant/Media Partner – A merchant/media partner uses the features of our services in order to advertise their own products or services. Post classifieds, advertisements, banner ads share latest releases and more. Reach your target audience in a matter of seconds, cut out the middle man and reduce costs on commissions and overheads. Limited barter models acceptable.


  • Angel Investor / Venture Capital Partner – As the economy grows faster than expected, business opportunities in the dotcom industry are visibly excellent. With new product/service launches, aggressive strategies ahead, the company needs more financial energy for business expansion, product development, market intelligence as well as market penetration through mutual partnerships.


  • Other – We are open to partnership opportunities. If you have any new creative or business idea, then mail us your proposition. We will get back to you at the earliest..



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